公司介绍 About us

       SC Hongya QingYiJiang Sodium Sulphate CO.,Ltd. is a professional sodium sulfate manufacturer, which is established by Neijiang Phoenix Enterprise (Group) Co. Ltd.
       The company is located on Qingyi River, where is 3km from Hongya County. It is 100km from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, close to Mount Emei, the Leshan Giant Buddha, and the hometown of Su Dongpo, and it enjoys convenient transportation. It is a national high-tech enterprise, mainly engaged in mining nitrate ore and the production, processing and sales of sodium sulphate. It is one of the largest manufacturing enterprise in China. At present, the company owns glauberite ore resources, which are available for 400 years, the company can produce 1 million tons of "Qingyi River" sodium sulfate each year.. There are 800 employees, and all operators are professional technical personnel. Owning 3 sodium sulfate production lines with the most advanced quintuple effect external heated forced circulation vacuum production technology. The company passed the ISO9002 International Quality System Certification in 1999, and passed the GB/T9001-2000idtl/ISO9001-2000 Quality System Certification in 2002. Our products are produced according to GB6009-2003 standard, thus we can assure the customers high-quality products with high purity and good whiteness. Moreover, special products can be produced at customer's request on particle size, hardness, etc. Our products are sold well in China, as well as in Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, South America, Australia, and other countries and regions.
       Since 1997, the company has continuously  introduced advanced technologies and innovative management systems for further development. It is praised by governments at all levels.
       The company adopts the operation philosophy of people-oriented, sound development, large-scale, and it strives to create modern management team and highly-qualified employees , and develop the company into an enterprise with sustainable competitive advantage.