设备工艺 equipment and process

       The “regulation for energy management”, “regulation for management of environment protection”, “responsibility system for environment protection”, “responsibility system for objective of energy conservation and emission reduction”, “emergency plan for paroxysmal environment event” are prepared and implemented by the company. a series of auxiliary management regulations of energy management and environment protection, etc. for energy conservation and emission reduction are established and improved by the subsidiary companies to further establish and improve the system of management regulations for energy conservation and emission reduction.
       The Qingyijiang’s Sodium sulfate project of “switch coal to electricity” is the first model project of replacement with electric energy in the province. A production line of two-effect + Mechanical thermal compression was built. The annual coal consumption is reduced by 120 thousand tons; the emission of carbon dioxide is reduced by around 300 thousand tons; the emission of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides are reduced by 452 tons and 310 tons, respectively.