环境保护 environment protection


It is thought by Qingyijiang that enterprise is responsible for environment protection. Therefore, intense attention is paid to the environment protection measures and policy during routine operation. The operation of Qingyijiang must observe the environment law and regulation for the management of waste water and solid waste. Qingyijiang is engaged in abiding by the related regulations of China and relevant countries, and the development of new technology and prompt replacement of new equipment. Qingyijiang is trying to prevent, reduce and manage the pollution caused during manufacturing.

青衣江在生产过程中排放的废水和固体污染物并无超出中国准许的范围,经内部处理后达标排放。此外,青衣江为所有建设项目进行环境可行性研究 及环境影响评估,并按照环保“三同时”的要求,确保污染防治设施与主体工程同时设计、同时施工、同时投产使用,确保我们遵守生产设施环保标准。

The waste water and solid waste discharged by Qingjiangyi during manufacturing are with the Chinese permitted limit. They are discharged after being deal with. Apart from that, all the projects under construction were subjected to environmental feasibility study and the evaluation of environmental impact. In accordance with the environmental requirement of “three simultaneity“, ensure the pollution prevention facilities and the main part of project are designed, constructed and put into use simultaneously; ensure the environment protection standards for manufacturing facilities are abided by.